A warranty only a locally-owned practice can provide.

Eyeglasses are warranted for one year from date of purchase as follows:


If your frames break under normal wearing conditions, we will repair or replace them free of charge, as long as it is returned to us within 1 year of purchase. Frame warranty coverage is a one time replacement. Frame warranty does not cover loss.


Scratch resistant coatings do not make lenses scratch proof. Any lens can be scratched or broken. Please follow recommended procedures for care and cleaning. Replacement of lenses purchased with scratch resistant coating is limited to once in a 12 month period. Lens replacement must be the original prescription. This warranty does not cover loss, theft or hairline scratches which have no effect on vision. Scratch warranty coverage is a one time replacement.


If our doctors make any change to your prescription within 30 days* of receiving your order, we will make new lenses, one time, for your same frame at no charge. If your doctor changes the prescription after 30 days* of receiving your order we will remake your lenses at 50% off of the retail cost.

Non Adapt Policy

If you are fit into a progressive (no line bifocal) and cannot properly adapt to this type of lens, Stratton Eyes will remake your lens into either a single vision or lined bifocal/trifocal lens at no additional cost to you within 30 days* of receiving your eyewear. The new lens must be put into the original frame purchased. Stratton Eyes will not refund the original upgrade cost of the progressive lens.


Glasses are custom made items. If we are unable to remake your glasses that provide clearer vision, returns may be accepted within 30 days of receiving your eyewear. You would be refunded the amount you paid minus a 20% restocking fee and/or any lab fees incurred by your insurance lab.

User Instructions

Never lay eyewear face down. Avoid leaving eyewear in excessive heat (car dashboard etc.). Avoid contact with ammonia, chlorine, household cleaners, or any abrasive substance.

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